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Hidden Valley Investments is an Oklahoma-based company that offer great prices in Oklahoma City and its surrounding area.  

Hidden Valley Investments would like to put you in the position of acquisition of property with a minimal down payment, in most cases 10% down and monthly payments you can afford.

Please review all of our great properties to see what you like and want to buy.  But we warn you, you might choose to buy several properties or more, from us.

As you most likely know. land is the basis of all human wealth.  There will never be any more land created, and land grows in value with the economy. With trillions of dollars in paper money being printed now, inflation will take a stronger hold this coming year and these properties will doubtless double in value within the next 3 to 5 years.

Leverage in Real estate is where most of the Wealthy class have made their fortunes, and our motto of: 


This is the leverage you need to secure your future retirement.  With Hidden Valley terms, we make it possible for every person to own "Real Property" here in Oklahoma County.  There are no 'credit checks', if you want the property it is yours for the taking.  And please don't get mad at us if you don't move fast enough, cause these properties are GOING FAST!

You can view maps from our site that can help you find our property and then go visit the site at your convenience.  If you have any questions or need assistance in using our site, please feel free to contact me, Hal Ruppert - 405.722.6169


Before you preview our great lots, we need to explain a few things, such as...

Hidden Valley cannot be held responsible for the accuracy pertaining to the data or information available within our website.

That said, please understand that prices and availability can change without notice on our site.  Our lots come and go so quickly, it's hard to keep up with the changes.  If you are interested in a property, we suggest you call Hal at 405.722.6169 to check on whether or not that lot is still available. 

The generated mapped data, although comes from the Oklahoma City - Assessor's site - does not constitute a legal survey of our lots, so its best to use this information as a starting point.

NOTICE: this site uses pop-up windows to give viewers addtional information.  When you click on the parcel numbers, a pop-up will appear.  Once you have read it and click on the ok button, you will need to either allow pop-ups for this site, or hold the contol button down and click on the parcel number again.

Items that are underlined (see below) are active links which give you additional information to make finding our lots, or information about them, easier.  All you need to do is click on the links to be taken to that information.

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To view the generated maps, you will need to have adobe reader installed on the computer you are using.  If you don't already have a copy of adobe reader installed, you can download it, for free, at Adobe's Website.  Just click on the button below.     

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